July 10, 2016

What is Online Reputation Management?

In a time where the internet dominates and controls our business and personal reputations, it has become increasingly vital for us to ensure that we seek proactive measures to control and manage the contents of our business and personal lives appearing online.

Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

Individuals and professionals need to understand that while the internet and social media are useful marketing tools, one must bear in mind that such exposure could also result in negative consequences. This could include facing difficulties in managing and conducting day-to-day banking and commercial relations, particularly with respect to the appearance of any misleading and incorrect data appearing on the internet and/or stored on various databases used globally for checking overall banking and commercial profiles (“Profiles”). Therefore, individuals and companies should manage and control their reputation on the internet by ensuring that the contents appearing on their Profiles and the internet are correct and up to date.

Adjustment by lecocqassociate, is a solutions provider in this field. With its team of highly specialised professionals that assist individuals and companies, in rectifying and/or removing the incorrect and misleading contents of their Profiles held by database companies by way of contacting and coordinating with the respective database organizations.

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