What we do

We go beyond your typical online reputation management (ORM) service. While most ORM firms only focus on your online presence superficially, we focus on delving into the root of the issue and dealing with it on multiple fronts.

We are a unique closely knit team of lawyers, Data Protection Officers (DPO), researchers, designers, content writers and techies dedicated to ensure that a positive impact on your online presence is created and maintained.

Our in-house lawyers and DPOs will utilise their expertise around defamation, data protection laws, in particular, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), confidentiality, and other privacy laws to advise on how they can best apply the legislation to remove and/or modify false or intrusive information that search engine optimisation alone cannot do.

Our passion for innovative methods and technologies means that we build strategies and solutions tailored to your online reputation management needs.


Official commencement

Conduct screening and review of the client's internet profile. Coordinate on behalf of the client with the screening databases to receive the client's database profile.

Risk assessment

Conduct a risk assessment based on the appearance of the client's profile from the internet or the screening databases.


On the basis of the risk assessment conducted, adjustment strategies are drafted to create and manage the client's online reputation.

Legal implementation

Applying Google's Right to be Forgotten, the EU regulation on General Data Protection, local data protection legislation, privacy rights legislation, defamation-related legislations and other civil rights, our in-house lawyers coordinate with the screening databases and website hosts to remove, update and/or correct misleading information.

Technical implementation

Using machine learning, cyber intelligence, content writing, and reverse search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, our team of technical experts identify and manage threats to the client's online reputation.

ORM Services

right to oblivion Erasure and Forgetting Assistance in filing online

copyright Infringement

Manage private data on smart screening and due diligence portals

Deindexing of links

Blog and article removal

Online review management

Ongoing media monitoring and reporting

Images and Video pushdown